In this video, I explain just how we help churches with their livestream mix and additionally a little about myself. Hopefully it all makes sense. I also tend to get long-winded and ramble. I’m sorry. 

Livestream mix from my partner, Dylan Bennett’s church. 

Before & After examples of a few livestream mix projects.

The footage below is requested the most by people interested in working with us to improve their livestream mix. Some key things you’ll get from these videos below is it’s plain to see these churches are very talented. However, you will notice they sounded really, really bad before we helped with with their sound. It just goes to show that talent and good equipment doesn’t get you the whole way. 

As you watch the “before” elements of these videos, I also want to note that we didn’t do anything to the “before” part to make them sound any worse than they already did. The “before” mix is pulled directly from their mix on the day of this footage. The “after” is the results we provided them with at the end of our project.

More Recent Projects

We work remotely, which means we can help pretty much any church on the planet, though most of our clients are United States based. In addition to the flexibility of remote work, we’re happy to inform you that the only thing you’ll need for us to improve your livestream mix is a current digital mixer as well as a computer, though I’m sure you already have one of those.

Below, you’ll see quite a number of projects we were blessed to be a part of and we also hope you’ll be blessed as well as inspired to reach out to us for help with your worship livestream mix!

Here I show you some behind-the-scenes stuff of how my livestream mix process works and also a glimpse into the type of software we use.

A Little About Me

Livestream Mix

My name is Clayton Gregory. I’ve been working over the past few years to help churches improve the sound of their online livestream mix. I’ve also been playing music since I was eleven, in addition to producing and recording music since I was about sixteen. I had the opportunity to work as a tech director at a church from 2015-2018, which is where I learned a lot of this stuff we do. I’ve been working full time helping churches with their audio since COVID. 

You’ll find quite a good many examples of church I’ve worked with, in addition to a considerable amount of info about how we do what we do. If you are struggling with your livestream mix, I believe you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to schedule a call with us and we can get to know one another in addition to explain how we can help. 

Over 500 Churches Served

Our Livestream Mix Solutions @ Covenant Life Church

My team and I work full-time servicing approximately 20-30 churches a month to improve the quality of their livestream mix. This process typically takes about two weeks, however there’s times it can take longer.

We start the process by installing a digital audio workstation on your computer, in addition establishing connectivity with your digital mixer. Afterwards, we’ll facilitate a multitrack recording of an entire worship service, both worship and the word. Upon completing that stage, we’ll build your sound from those files. When you’re happy with the master we provide you with, we’ll implement those settings for you as well as train you on how to use it each week.

Extensive Livestream Mix Experience to Serve You With

Livestream Mix Producer Clayton Gregory

We’ve been blessed to worth with churches of all sorts of cultures to help their livestream mix. Below, you’ll find a playlist of videos demonstrating who we’ve worked with and additionally the results we were able to provide them. There should be something in there that you should be able to identify with. We know that with different styles and genres of music come different needs from a mix standpoint. Hence, we’re very fortunate to have a pretty extensive experience set to pull from to serve your mix to your needs and also your tastes. 

As you browse, you’ll clearly see I am not a video guy and I’m also not a website guy. I’m an audio guy. You’ve been warned!

Why You Need a Good Livestream Mix

1. A high-quality broadcast allows church members who cannot physically attend the service to feel like they are still part of the community. Because of this, viewers can feel more connected and engaged when they can clearly hear and see the service.
2. In addition to serving your existing congregation, a great sounding livestream mix can attract new members who are not able to attend in-person services due to distance or physical limitations. It can also help those who are curious about the church or its teachings to get a taste of what is offered.

3. A poorly produced broadcast can be distracting and unprofessional, as well as potentially discourage new members from joining, due to poor quality. Additionally, a high-quality livestream shows that the church cares about its members and is equally committed to providing them with a positive experience through their livestream mix audio.