Do you need drum replacement?

Do you need drum replacement? That is the question. Though, you may be wondering to yourself just exactly what that is. Allow me to explain. Drum replacement, or “triggering” as it may be said, refers to applying a different drum sound to the original sound your drums make. Whether that be the kick, snare, or […]

Stewarding your Media Budget

Stewarding your Media Budget

Hey guys. I thought I’d help with providing some guidelines and best practices for best stewarding your media budget. #1 – Don’t set your sights on something you know is beyond your means.  #2 – You may be surprised that what you currently have is not that bad and what you want is not that […]

Stock vs. Third Party Plugins

I’m gonna begin prefacing all of my writing with stating I do not proofread any of this stuff. I don’t have time. Just FYI. First of all, let’s dive into what is super on point about third party plugins. They’re made by people that only make plugins. Right off the bat this makes them way […]

Engineering a Guitar Player When You’re Not a Guitar Player, From a Guitar Player

The eyes have already rolled. This is a sore subject. You’ve been hurt. Wounded, even. Words were said. They can’t be taken back. He turned his amp up after rehearsal. Nobody said anything to him. People are looking at you. Because it’s your fault. Because everything is your fault. Because. HERE’S THE TRUTH: Guitar players […]

Computer Audio Mixing Guide

We’ve created a comprehensive computer audio mixing guide to help you not only implement our mix template, but also learn as much as you can about computer audio overall. Thanks for being awesome and letting us partner with your church’s audio ministry. We are pumped to be able to work with you and serve your […]

Stock Plugins. Or. Other plugins. ?

When I was a kid, I rode dirt bikes. it was my life’s second great love. The first being baseball. The third (and final) being music. It was a lot of fun. As I fearfully gaze over the entry of that rabbit hole, I’m reminded of a few things that consumed that particular passion. And […]

The Love Language(s) of Presets

Gear Mix Templates Plugin Presets Tutorials Downloads X Presets. They are a thing. Sometimes, they are on point. Sometimes, they are not. If you’ve spent any amount of time in the world of audio engineering or commune with anyone who at least thinks they are an audio enthusiast, you know that presets get some shade […]