Hey guys. I thought I’d help with providing some guidelines and best practices for best stewarding your media budget.

#1 – Don’t set your sights on something you know is beyond your means. 

#2 – You may be surprised that what you currently have is not that bad and what you want is not that better. There comes a point that returns on investment diminish substantially. 

For example, say you have an X32 for your audio. You may spend tens of thousands of dollars on the next level after that, and you may honestly find the next level board doesn’t sound that much better or you don’t even really have the means to fully utilize the functionality of the better board. I see it all the time.

#3 – Don’t throw money at a problem – solve the problem. I know sometimes that’s the only thing you know how to do, but do whatever it takes to find a consultant or integrator that you trust to help you decode exactly what problems you are having and GET TO THE BOTTOM of them before you start even thinking about buying new stuff. New stuff doesn’t solve problems. Solving problems solves problems. 

#4 – Before you get ready to upgrade, make a plan of proposed expectations that you hope for this upgrade to get you – that way, it is clear whether or not it did. 

You may find ten minutes into making this list that you don’t need that thing at all. You just got excited from seeing something in an email and making a list can help you either really determine whether or not you need it or are you just excited. I do it all the time, so no judgement. 

#5 – I sort of touched on this already, but FIND SOMEONE THAT KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING THAT YOU CAN TRUST THAT DOES NOT BENEFIT FINANCIALLY AT ALL FROM OFFERING YOU HELP OR SUPPORT. I’m yelling this for a reason, guys. Finding this kind of help will ensure that you are a good steward of your media budget. There’s plenty of sales people out there that are good people and will help you, but they are not common. 

Consult message boards, facebook groups, tech support, any resource you can to get as much information as you possibly can about ANYTHING you possibly can. I

I’m sure you guys are thinking I really don’t wanna do any of this, and if that’s the case, you may not be in a place where you need to explore spending money. 

I know it’s fun. I know it’s not really YOUR money and it’s easy to forget it’s not coming out of your paycheck and hard to remember it is the Lord’s money, believe me I’ve been there. You’ve still gotta make solid decision about how to allocate your budget. 

If you need help, reach out to us. We are always happy to help!


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