Mix content. Every month. Every week. Every day.

We’ve been truly blessed to have established a great partnership with Waves. Thanks to that, we are offering something brand new.

We’ve created a brand new service that equips you with the best mixing tools money can buy at a monthly rate, affordable on any budget – PLUS monthly, weekly, and DAILY new content from US. 

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The Features

Stream templates

Each tier of Worship Mix+ will include their respective "stream" template. This is intended to be used for your worship service/event livestream. It is designed specifically with low CPU/low latency in mind. Minimal plugin count, plugins that require less computer resources, and absolutely no use of very resource demanding plugins like vocoders, modulation, filtering, or source specific plugins that provide quite a number of different mixing options within ONE plugin. These are all brutal and your computer and beyond unnecessary for broadcast.

Studio templates

These are intended to FULLY utilize the capabilities of any and all mixing tools Waves has to offer in the Platinum bundle. Things like OneKnob Driver, MetaFlanger, MondoMod, Submarine, Smack Attack, and many other plugins that are not only not practical for a livestream, but can't be counted on stability wise for a livestream will be used in this template. We really want to create a super immersive and exciting opportunity to just have to and make some awesome sounds to share with you and empower you to dial in the sound you want in the studio and for your album!

StudioRack (and our presets)

We're going to be developing StudioRack presets, geared toward worship mixing, and releasing up to 10x EVERY DAY. yes, every single day. The beauty of StudioRack is it allows you to load multiple plugins into one "rack" and create what is called macros (watch the video). These presets can be loaded instantly in ANY DAW with virtually no effort whatsoever from you and incorporated into your mixing workflow. We'll be posting info and videos when necessary to explain just what we seek to achieve with the presets we drop.

Template Updates

We're gonna be releasing "refreshes" to the FULL mix template sessions at regularly scheduled times, based on which tier you purchase. We know the same old thing can get stale, and we also know that sometimes you hit a wall working on your content. We want to provide a new version to work with on a regular basis, that you can expect, that'll supercharge your ability to dial in things to your needs. We'll be using new tracks and new teams each time, and you'll also get the demo tracks along with each refresh.

LIFETIME 20% off

After purchase, we'll create you a unique code, unique to you, that no one else can use, that will get you 20% off ANY purchase from us. It's that simple.

One-On-One Training and Support

Upon purchase, you'll get a link to our calendar to schedule a 30 minute training session. We will not be limiting how many of these you can schedule but DON'T GET CRAZY. Just kidding. We'll cover whatever you want and it doesn't even HAVE to be related to WM+. We just want to connect and hang out.

Templates for:
Templates for:
Templates for:

The FAQs

Why should I pay monthly for plugins forever instead of ‘buying them outright’?”

That really is ultimately your decision either way.

However, the truth is, at some point or another, you’re gonna have to pay to update your plugins, no matter who you get them from. Whether that be to get the latest, new features, or just to be able to USE your existing plugins with a new computer operating system. 

You’re gonna have to contribute some type of monetary expense to your plugins again. It is absolutely unavoidable. 

With a subscription, you always have access to the current version, and you pay much less TODAY. Over the span of a year, the cost factor is a 100% wash. And to be perfectly honest, we are just really excited to be able to offer it.

“Can I cancel?”

Yes. You can cancel at any time. Though, we will not be issuing refunds of any  kind. You’ll be able to use your template and plugins for the duration of the billing cycle.

You’re not gonna want to cancel, though 😊

Other questions?