Our Mixing

You've worked hard on your tracks

You don't just need someone that turns some knobs and moves faders. You need musical people who complete the vision of your production in the mixing phase.

Mixing is a vibe

Mixing is the make or break part of your record. Honestly, you can just have decent to even not-really-great tracks, and mixing can really take your record to a whole different level. We've all seen it happen. But you can't fake mixing. It's gotta be right. And it's gotta be done by the right mixer, with the right ear, for your music.

No like. no pay.

Send us your favorite track from your project. Or your least favorite. We'll work up a minute demonstration of our work. No up-front fees. Hear what we can do and if it's right for you. If it's not a good fit, you're out nothing.

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