Not sure which template is right for you?

Or not sure how to implement it? Shoot us an email detailing some specifics about your setup including:

  • audio mixer model
  • computer and operating system
  • digital audio workstation (where applicable)
  • any other details or questions you have


And we’ll get you detailed, SPECIFIC instructions on how to implement any of our resources. 

For the budget-conscious church looking to improve audio with existing equipment, we recommend our Hybrid Mix.

This template runs as a premixed digital scene that loads on your digital mixer, requiring no additional equipment to improve your audio.

While it is ideal to have a dedicated mixing platform for FOH, broadcast, and monitors, we know this isn’t an option for a lot of churches.

The best thing to do is improve your one mixer as best as possible and we know the Hybrid Mix can greatly assist with that. 

If you are looking for a dedicated livestream solution, we recommend you checking out our Livestream Mix Template, which runs in a computer audio environment. 

For a dedicated house solution, check out our Custom FOH Hybrid Solution.

With this, we work with you closely to take your existing FOH mixer scene and enhance it in a very specialized way.