Affordable equipment.

Knowledge and experience in worship arts to top it off.

Navigating gear purchases can be really challenging. 

And in a lot of ways it doesn’t have to be. 

Which board do I buy? Mics? Cables? What connector do I need?”

Information is the battle, even in the rare occasion finances aren’t. 


Information is the battle, even in the rare occasion finances aren’t. 

There’s for sure no shortage of retailers out there willing to sell you something. 

Which is why we want to do things differently. 

Our team is full of engineers, worship leaders, musicians and writers. And we’re all in church every Sunday.

We also know what it’s like to get great results on a budget.

We don’t know everything, but we do have some very strong convictions:

We sell you what you need, and we only sell gear we know and have gotten great results with. 

”Our equipment isn’t the problem. It’s that other brand. Have a nice day.”

You’ve heard that before if you’ve ever been on tech support with literally anybody. 


And who can really blame them? They’re trained to support THEIR products.

The problem with that for folks like you and me that have such customized setups with many different equipment brands, we don’t have a choice but to use a diverse ecosystem of equipment.

But when you need help, you NEED HELP.

We’ve been there too.

Our team has a tremendous amount of experience putting together customized systems to accomplish the task at hand, and we know the ends, outs, and quirks that come with it. 

We don’t know everything, and we haven’t used everything, but we stand by what we offer. 

We go the extra mile to help our clients with their setups, whether it’s something we have experience with or not. 

We may not get everything figured out, but we will for sure try.

And that’s enough sometimes.

Shoot us an email and we’ll talk about what you need.

A few brands we stand by:

Presonus, Behringer, Audix, Electro-Voice, Walrus Audio, Avid, Steinberg, Blue Microphones, Warm Audio, Korg, Line 6, MXL, Samson, Tascam, Solomon Mics

to name a few. 

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