re: your church "house" mix

You bought a fancy digital mixer to improve your worship sound at your church. It wasn’t cheap. You guys really had to stretch to make it happen.

But after the first service, it really wasn’t any better. Maybe it was a LITTLE better, but for the most part, same old thing.

“You” in the case, and yes I’m speaking to you, are the pastor, worship leader, or in many cases, both.

What if I told you that it really isn’t your fault? What if I told you that you really didn’t do anything wrong?

You didn’t. You just aren’t an audio engineer. And there’s really nothing you can do about that.

There’s so many just like you out there, in this same position, struggling. You’ve gotta have audio, sound.

And you have a STRONG preference that it be good. But you don’t have years of your life to devote to mastering a new craft. 

So many people in your position buy the gear, and find out the hard way that’s not the end of the journey. 

You’ve probably been told that you’re just gonna have to hire someone experienced to run sound for you – and the truth is, you just flat out cannot afford that. 

None of us can.

You’re just the kind of person that we have a heart for, that we want to help.

Our team is full of audio engineers, worship pastors, and producers, still working in church every day. We know a thing or two about your struggles, and we also know a thing or two about overcoming them without breaking the bank.

One of those ways is something we call a mix template.

A mix template is a completely premixed digital scene or “save” that you load into your digital mixer or software, just like the ones you use now.

…only ours have been made by us – people who have been doing this a while and have learned a thing or two about settings and FX that really sort of work all the time, anywhere you put them.

It’s not gonna win you a Grammy – presets can’t really do that. It will however help clean up some of the muddy sound in your mic. It’ll help your bass drum punch and cut through the mix like we all want a bass drum to do – at least it’ll help you do the MIX part of that.

We can’t help you if the kick mic is two feet away from the hole. You gotta do that part yourselfIf any of this has resonated with you or you’ve had any of these struggles I’ve talked about, follow the button below to our solutions page and we’ll get to more specifics about what all our mix templates can do for your church.